Day trips for the El Nino Valley

We leave the Dennys on Pico ave and the 5 freeway in San Clemente at 6 am each day and return that eve at approx 7 pm. We stop along the way and pick up folks at the Mc Donalds at the Otay border crossing. We will build homes, bunkbeds and vegetable gardens for the extremely poor families living along the RR tracks just West of Tecate.

Cost for the day is $35 per person and includes transportation in private vehicles, drinks and a safe basic lunch. Bring a few dollars for tacos and beverages at the end of the day and prepare for a day in God's gym as our friend Hector likes to describe it.

Passport for adults, copy of birth certificate for kids are required but don't miss going if you don't have these.

Upcoming 2018 Dates: 
January 27
February 24
March 24
April 21
May 12

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