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Changing Lives One Family at a Time

Post Mexico Trip Reflection.

Safety. A primary necessity that is fundamental towards living in which I’ve been born with but never stopped to realize the importance of. Safety is also the backbone behind building the community that I’ve been so blessed to be a part of for the past week. A community where I was able to freely share meals and prayers, enjoy the refreshing pool to fight off the scorching heat from, laugh about the ridiculous sunburn I’ve accumulated, exchange stories about our lives back at home, and meet strangers who first became friends then family. We all had the common goal in mind to build houses to become homes and accomplished it. We shared the burdens and trials along the way but also celebrated the joy that came in our triumph once we handed the keys over to the Socoro family.

I didn’t realize this until Ray, the coordinator of Club Dust, brought it up. He said the purpose of us living together in the ranch was to provide for us a safe place where we can feel at home like family. Once people feel safe, we lower the guards we put up around ourselves and allow others to enter their heart. That’s when I had an epiphany. What made me feel so comfortable about the stranger I was sitting next to in the bus? Why was it so easy to communicate with my teammates? How is it that people seem so familiar and close yet I barely know them? I reflected and meditated on these questions. It was God’s presence in my heart. Because I can abide in Him and his love, I feel safe. It’s because of his love that he has knocked down the borders around my own heart. The borders that I no longer need because I’ve embraced being called his child. His child that now desires to seek and bring in more brothers and sisters into the family.

Within the span of five days, I was able to become a part of a bigger family with completely random people because of God’s presence. God’s presence that breaks down the borders between people and shatters fear. Because God is love and perfect love casts out fear. Ray strives to replicate that same community I was able to experience at the ranch but with the people he encounters anywhere in life. On his down time he would go visit the houses he built and spend the night with the family. On those days, he would just enjoy a day with the locals and the neighbors would already be there, sheltering from the rain and hanging out. The house we built for the family brings safety that translates into a community. Ray’s mission resonates deeply with my heart. I also hope that I would be able to experience such a community not only here but in all the places I go. I pray coming home that I would be able to display such vision and compassion towards the people I meet to become like a family in a community. I’m not sure what heaven may look like. However, if I had to take a guess, it’d look a lot like this. People treating each other like family. Thank you for this small glimpse of what heaven on Earth feels like.

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