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Portable homes: These are small but decent 10’ x 12’ homes with a sleeping loft. The Portable homes, also known as POP homes are built with and for families living in the squatter camp along the RR tracks in the El Nino valley. These families live here because they have no money for land and a home. They struggle for consistent work in the Mexican economy is in a years long recession. Any money that these families make goes to providing food for themselves and their families. The homes we build provide a huge help in ensuring they are able to stay dry and warm in even the worst of rainstorms and weather. The homes also provide a sense of security and safety that goes towards building a sense of trust and community among the approx 700 families living along the tracks. The cost of the Portable home is $2900 and an additional $165 for drywall.

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Bikes: Bikes are of great value among poor families anywhere in the world. It enables parents to get to work, kids to ride to school and just fun recreation. We all have an extra bike in our house or a neighbor’s . Each trip as we go down to El Nino we want to bring 4 bikes in to give to kids, We are developing a program that will reward kids staying in school and doing well. The bikes can be brought to Ray’s house in San Clemente or brought along if you join us for a day or 5 day trip. Any working bike is great. Best if you include a lock with the bike as well.

School uniforms: The elementary and secondary schools in Tijuana require that the children wear a specific uniform consisting of black leather shoes, black pants with a stripe , white shirt and black sweater. They also need a sports uniform consisting of sport shoes, socks, specific sweats and a t shirt. The total cost for all these items is apprx $150 which is apprx two weeks income for a typical factory worker there. Since the schools require the uniforms many kids just don’t go to school which reduces their chances of career and financial success drastically.

In order to facilitate and encourage school attendance we have bought hundreds of uniforms and given them through the local church there in El Nino. The church has identified hundreds of additional kids who need uniforms still. this is a great way to give a gift in honor of a loved one or to invest in the future of one of these kids there in El Nino.

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