Our Goal with Club Dust is:

Serve God's people in simple obedience to James 1:27, no ifs, ands, or "someday" - Just Do It!

Club Dust members serve through the opportunity of building for extremely poor families in the border towns of Tijuana and Tecate, Mexico. We believe that this experience of service can be life changing for Christians and non-Christians alike.

Club Dust is different than typical mission trips. At Club dust you can look forward to water balloon fights, whirlpools in the pool, fresh tacos and optional camping in the ranch horse pasture. The people involved interact with each other through morning bible talks, group discussions, singing & talent shows.

We have a high return rate with our summer trips reaching 180+ participants and the winter trips averaging 150+ people.

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We hope that you too will catch the 'Vision' of spreading God's love by meeting His people's needs in a tangible way. Not just saying it - doing it, & having fun in the adventure of doing it!

We challenge our participants to spilt off into their own adventures after several trips with us. This allows for each group to form, run and serve in it's own unique style.

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